Compass has specialised in caravan insurance for over 40 years, so we know a thing or two when it comes to protecting them.

We know that your Caravan is your pride and joy and having an insurance policy that gives you the cover you need is important.

Our prices are super-competitive too! So, if you’re looking for the best cover at the right price, we’re here to show you the way!

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Key Features

High levels of cover when in use, in storage or being towed

New for old cover up to 15 years

£5m Public Liability when being stored

24 hour emergency assistance, recovery and removal

Storm damage for your caravan and awning

Additional Features

  • £2.5m Public Liability when in use

  • Option for European cover for up to 180 days

  • Damage as a result of storm, flood, frost and escape of water, in addition to the usual insured perils

  • Cover for accidental damage

  • Cover for family and friends that are using your Caravan

  • Emergency Accommodation for up to 14 days and £2,000 if you are unable to use your Caravan

  • Dedicated UK based claims teams with 24/7/365 support

  • Option to make your premium more affordable and spread your payments over 10 months via Direct Debit

Why do I need Insurance?

We know that your Touring Caravan is your pride and joy, and that protecting it against loss or damage is important to you. Touring Caravans come in all shapes and sizes and as a result you need an insurance policy that can be tailored to your needs.

Whether you take your Caravan out every weekend around the UK, visit the same places year in year out or simply have it seasonally sited on a Holiday Park getting the right cover is important.

Some important things to consider when taking out your insurance:

  • How and where you store your Caravan is important, make sure you have the right level of liability cover your storage location states you need (we give £5 million when in storage). We also also give discounts when you store your Caravan at a CaSSOA approved location, or for storing on a BH&HPA member Park.
  • Check that your policy covers you for the Caravan and all the fixtures and fittings such as fridges and cookers as well as any equipment.
  • If you do have an accident when towing, your car insurance won’t cover you and so make sure your Touring Caravan policy includes emergency assistance, recovery and removal.
  • We give discounts for things like security devices, alarms and trackers, secure storage sites and towing experience.


The following are links to our current policy wordings and Insurance Product Information Documents (IPID).

Policy Wording Terms of Business IPID

As with all insurance cover, some exclusions and limits may apply, as will some policy excesses. For full details, please view our policy wording (above) or speak to a member of the Compass team.

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What is “New for Old” cover?

If you insure your touring caravan with Compass on a new for old basis, your park home will be replaced* with the most recent, brand-new model (or an equivalent) following a total loss.

Similarly, if you were to make a claim for an irreparably broken window, you could expect a brand-new replacement window.

*It is important to note that this is Sums Insured dependent. Click here for more details on how to accurately calculate your Sums Insured.

What does “Sums Insured” mean?

Your “Sums Insured” is the total amount of money you’re insured for. On a Compass policy:

  • Your Structures Sums Insured is the total amount that your touring caravan (and associated equipment) is covered for.
  • Your Contents Sums Insured is the total amount that the contents you have in your caravan are insured for.

Together these form your Total Sums Insured.

I store my caravan on a park and then it is seasonally sited for most of the year, is this covered?

Yes we provide cover for touring caravans that are used in this way, the great news is that our public liability limit is £5m which is what most parks require for you to keep your caravan on site.

My family and friends sometimes borrow my caravan, is this covered?

Yes, our policy provides cover for you, your family or friends that are using your caravan with your permission.

The cover is subject to them complying with the terms and conditions of the policy, for example possessing the necessary license to tow the caravan on a public highway.

I use my Touring Caravan in connection with my business, can you cover me?

Unfortunately not, we only provide cover for people using their caravan for leisure and recreational purposes.

What is “Market Value” cover?

If you opt for market value cover for your caravan and subsequently have to make a claim for damage or loss, the “market value” principle will be applied.

For example, following a total loss, you would receive a payment for the market value of your caravan immediately prior to the loss (which may not equate to the Sums Insured amount stated on your policy schedule).

Similarly, if you were to make a claim for an irreparably broken window, you would receive a claims payment for the market value of the window (i.e., the payment would be unlikely to cover the cost of a brand-new equivalent).

As an alternative to market value cover, Compass offers New for Old cover. Please click here for more information.

Are my contents automatically covered under my Compass policy?

No. Your contents will not be insured under your Compass policy unless you specifically request cover for them.

I don’t know how much to insure my touring caravan for. Can you tell me?

Compass provides policies on a “non-advised” basis, which means we are not allowed to tell you how much your unit should be insured for. However, there are lots of ways to work out how much to insure for. For example, you can look at similar units for sale from the dealer you bought yours from, or you can look online at similar units and how much they are for sale for.

I take my caravan to Europe, is this covered?

Not as standard, but you can add European cover to your policy for an additional premium either at the quote stage, at renewal, or at any point during your policy period by contacting us.

Do you offer discounts for people who are members of clubs and societies?

Yes, our pricing takes into account things like club membership as well as using an accredited storage location.

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