Important notice - potential park business scam


Important notice – potential park business scam

Good afternoon,

We believe we may have uncovered a criminal activity and are investigating thoroughly. Meanwhile please be aware of the following scenario and ensure that you and your employees remain vigilant:

  • A park receives notification that a bailiff is on their way to collect a debt
  • The park understandably wants to avoid this scenario during the busy holiday season and prefers not to risk their customers seeing any interaction between the business and bailiffs
  • The park is told that an immediate online payment is the only way to prevent/delay the visit.

This is a potential scam and should not be trusted without further investigation or verification.  

Should this situation arise please do not act on it in the first instance, but call the Compass Claims Manager, Tom Dallow on 0344 274 0277 – extension 4028, or Compass Claims Handler Kieron Graham on 0344 274 0277 – extension 4007 for advice.

For further useful information on how County Court Bailiffs and Certified Enforcement Agents operate, and how to protect yourself against bailiff-related scams, please refer to the article written by “Quality Bailiffs” on their website at:

To check for Judgements, Orders and Fines, please refer to:

A Directory of High Court Enforcement Officers can be checked here:

Many thanks,