Case Study: Caravan park flood insurance claim

Compass Insurance ensure peace of mind for customers following flood.

The Compass team has been inundated with praise for the way in which it has responded to a recent flood at a park in Gloucestershire.

As can be seen in the photos below, a number of customer-owned units were surrounded by deep water, which had built up steadily over the Christmas period.

Much of the park was inaccessible for over a week, but the Compass claims team were on-site as soon as it was safe for them to be there.

Every Compass-insured unit was checked for damage. In some cases the water levels sat just only an inch or two below the caravans’ floor level, putting them perilously close to being flooded. Thankfully, though, none suffered any internal water damage.

Unable to visit their holiday homes themselves due to the national lockdown, each customer was sent photos and a report to reassure them that their happy places had escaped unscathed.


Customers were very grateful to hear from us. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Very many thanks for all your trouble and for sending those photos of the situation of our holiday unit so promptly, particularly in the coronavirus scenario. We too, in Germany are in lockdown. As for the unit, we are extremely relieved to see that water does not seemed to have entered it. Thank you once again for the reassurance”.

“Just picked your email up… very grateful for it, the pictures and the update… Very impressed with you and Compass”.

“Thank you so much for the update and photos, we’ve been really worried about what state the cabin was in and you’ve now put our minds at rest. Good news and thanks again”. 

“Thank you for the email and accompanying photographs. We are extremely pleased that you have visited the caravan and, of course, relieved that your inspection revealed no damage from the recent flooding. Thank you again”.

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