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Caravan Insurance Key Features

Structure sums insured
up to £500k

£5m Public Liability

New for old for structures
up to 25 years old
(we will consider older structures on a case by case basis)

Additional costs up to £10,000 towards the removal of a damaged holiday caravan and the siting and connection of a replacement included automatically

Market value cover available

Additional Features:

  • Damage as a result of storm, flood, frost and escape of water, in addition to the usual insured perils

  • Costs for alternative accommodation if your holiday caravan becomes uninhabitable

  • Cover for contents in the open or in an outbuilding

  • Frost damage and escape of water during the winter months with reduced excess (providing a park-approved drain down and reconnection service is used)

  • Accidental damage caused by pets, vermin and insects

  • Loss of rent, or pitch fees payable for any period your structure is uninhabitable

  • Option to make your premium more affordable and spread your payments over 10 months via Direct Debit

  • Optional cover for Leisure Equipment and Gadgets available, from £50 per year (various options available)

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Why do I need Caravan Insurance?

For many people their holiday caravan or lodge is their happy place, and in the last two years more and more people have invested in one.

Unfortunately caravans are susceptible to damage from storms or floods and in the winter are vulnerable to damage from frozen or burst pipes that results in water escaping. As they are often left unattended for long periods of time they can also be more vulnerable to break ins and thefts.

Even the most diligent and careful caravan owners can suffer accidents or damage and that’s why it’s important to have specialist insurance cover that will cover the costs if the worst does happen.

When choosing your caravan insurance cover it is important to:

  • Make sure you have considered all the costs and properly estimated your cover requirements, click here to read our handy guide to getting your sums insured right.
  • Make sure you are comparing like for like when looking at providers, you can read our article on comparing products and cover here.

Holiday Caravan Insurance

For Policy Documents purchased directly with Compass

The following link is to our current caravan insurance policy wordings and Insurance Product Information Documents (IPID). Policies from the 1st December 2023 onwards will include reference to our optional add-on legal expenses insurance. For versions that pre-date June 2021 please get in touch with our team.

Click here for Direct Policy Documents

Holiday Caravan Insurance

For Policy Documents purchased directly with your Park

The following link is to our current caravan insurance policy wordings and Insurance Product Information Documents (IPID). For versions that pre-date June 2021 please get in touch with our team.

Click here for Park Policy Documents

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What is “New for Old” cover?

If you insure your caravan with Compass on a new for old basis, your holiday caravan will be replaced* with the most recent, brand-new model (or an equivalent) following a total loss.

Should you need to make a claim for a broken door that needs to be completely replaced, similarly, you could expect a brand-new door with new for old cover.

*It is important to note that this is Sums Insured dependent. Click here for more details on how to accurately calculate your Sums Insured.

What does “Sums Insured” mean?

Your “Sums Insured” is the total amount of money you’re insured for. On a Compass policy:

  • Your Structures Sums Insured is the total amount that your caravan (and associated structures, e.g., steps and decking) is covered for.
  • Your Contents Sums Insured is the total amount that the contents you keep at your caravan are insured for.

Together these form your Total Sums Insured.

What is “under insurance”?

Under insurance applies if your holiday caravan is inadequately or insufficiently insured.

On a New for Old policy, your Total Sums Insured (see previous FAQ) needs to be:

Enough to buy you a brand-new replacement/equivalent for your current holiday caravan (or an equivalent) on your current pitch on your park.

Find out more about the consequences of underinsurance here.

I don’t know how much to insure my holiday caravan for. Can you tell me?

Compass provides policies on a “non-advised” basis, which means we are not allowed to tell you how much your unit should be insured for. However, there are lots of ways to work out how much to insure for. For example, you can look at similar units for sale on your park, or just ask your park owner, who should be able to help you come up with an appropriate figure.

What sorts of contents do I need to insure?

Contents can range from refrigerators to rugs. Please see our handy guide to contents cover here.

I rent out my holiday caravan. Can you insure it?

Yes, Compass can cover your rented-out unit, as long as you follow all of the rules your park may have in respect of renting. So, in other words, your unit will not be covered under the Compass policy if you do not comply with your park’s renting rules.

During the periods that your holiday caravan is hired out, some of the covers provided under your Compass policy will be affected. For example, there is a higher excess for malicious acts or vandalism if this is caused by someone hiring the unit from you.

We also provide cover for loss of rent if your structure is uninhabitable as a result of loss or damage covered in the policy, there are some limits and conditions to this cover which are detailed in the policy wording.

What is “Market Value” cover?

If you opt for market value cover for your caravan and subsequently have to make a claim for damage or loss, the “market value” principle will be applied.

For example, following a total loss, you would receive a payment for the market value of your caravan immediately prior to the loss (which may not equate to the Sums Insured amount stated on your policy schedule).

Similarly, if you were to make a claim for an irreparably broken window, you would receive a claims payment for the market value of the window (i.e., the payment would be unlikely to cover the cost of a brand-new equivalent).

As an alternative to market value cover, Compass offers New for Old cover. Please click here for more information.

Are my contents automatically covered under my Compass policy?

No. Your contents will not be insured under your Compass policy unless you specifically request cover for them.

What’s the minimum amount I should insure my holiday caravan for?

The price of a caravan can vary hugely.

A recent analysis (2021) of the market showed that in most cases, it would cost a minimum of £25,000 to replace a damaged holiday caravan with a brand-new equivalent.

This means that if your “Sums Insured” (the amount your holiday caravan is insured for) is less than £25,000, you could be underinsured.

To check how much a holiday caravan should be insured for, ask your park owner if your Structure Sums Insured amount is enough to buy you a brand-new replacement/equivalent for your current holiday caravan (or an equivalent) on your current pitch on your park.

Is my decking/steps/hot tub/shed etc covered under my Compass policy?

Yes. Under a Compass policy, these additional structures are included within the definition of ‘Structures’. But don’t forget to add them to your Structures Sums Insured amount, otherwise you could end up being underinsured.

What about my valuables?

Good question! Depending on what they are and what they’re worth, your valuables aren’t automatically included in your contents cover. Our policy covers valuables up to 25% of your contents sum insured, with a maximum amount of £500 for a single item.

I lost my keys and had to replace my locks. Can I claim?

Yes. If you lose the keys to your holiday caravan, under the Compass Holiday Caravan Policy, the Insurer will pay up to £500 for replacement locks and keys. Please see the policy wording for more information.

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