How to choose the right policy for your Caravan, Lodge, or Park Home

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Have you got the right insurance cover?

Compass are proud to specialise in insurance cover for two different types of park-based accommodation:

1. Holiday caravans (static caravans) and lodges.
2. Residential Park homes (mobile homes) and lodges.

The Compass Holiday Caravan & Lodge Policy has been designed for customers who own a holiday caravan/lodge/chalet.

The Compass Residential Park Home and Lodge Policy has been designed for customers who own a residential park home (mobile home) or lodge.

It’s really important that you insure your structure correctly. If you don’t and you need to make a claim, you may be told your insurance is invalid and that you are not covered. This could happen if:

Why can it go wrong?

It can be difficult for people to know which insurance cover is right for them if they are using their park-based structure improperly. Most commonly, this will apply to people who permanently live in a holiday caravan/lodge which is sited on a holiday park – something that will not be permitted under a holiday park’s site licence.

For more information on site licencing and park home living, please visit: park-home-faqs

If you’re in any doubt about which insurance cover you need, please give our friendly team a call. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Download the full PDF here >>>

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