When is the best time to buy a caravan?

Buying a caravan is exciting, but did you know that there may be certain times of the year that are better for making the purchase? After you have considered if a caravan is right for you and taken note of key things to look out for when buying one, it’s time to purchase your happy place… or is it?

Whether you’re buying a static or touring caravan, new or second-hand, there are various benefits to purchasing at specific points throughout the year.

The best time to buy a touring caravan

Pre-loved touring caravans

If you’re looking to buy a used touring caravan, a good time of year is early spring. This is because any owners who are looking to sell their caravan and purchase a new model will likely be doing so in time for the new season. However, demand is high in spring and prices may reflect this, and with such a competitive market you may find that it takes longer to find the right one.

touring caravans

With this in mind, it can be beneficial to begin browsing at an earlier point, even as soon as late autumn to winter. Shopping for a used caravan in the later parts of the year may see you find a better deal whilst the demand is lower. Any owners wishing to sell their caravan within this time frame will likely be more receptive to deals and negotiations on price.

If you’re considering purchasing a newer second-hand caravan, be aware that it’s unlikely you will be able to transfer an existing manufacturer’s warranty. Be sure to get a comprehensive insurance policy so you’re protected if anything goes wrong.

Brand new touring caravans

When looking for a new touring caravan, autumn is often the best season to begin browsing. From October onwards, dealerships will often reduce the price of any unsold stock from the previous season to make room for newer models.

Not only are there price and availability benefits for purchasing in the later portion of the year, but this also gives you more time to shop around and find the right model for your wants and needs.

As the weather warms up, it can be easy to make snap decisions influenced by the anticipation of going caravaning. Throughout the colder and wetter months, there is less excitement, allowing you to take your time when making the decision whilst still being ready to holiday by spring!

The best time to buy a static caravan

Many holiday parks close around late September, making this one of the best times to purchase both new and used static caravans. Owners who want to sell will likely do so once the season has ended, and new static caravans may also reduce in price around this time to make way for next season’s models. The prices of caravans tend to rise each spring, so getting in early can save you a nice amount of money if you aren’t fussed about getting the latest model. Not only that, but if you purchase just before parks close for winter, you still have time to prepare your caravan for the chilly British weather.

Holiday parks usually have fewer caravans on site throughout the winter months, resulting in higher plot availability. This means that you will often have more choices when selecting a plot during winter, increasing the likelihood of securing your ideal plot within your desired park. Just as you have more time to make a confident buying decision during the winter months, you also have more time to find the perfect park for your wants and needs.

Caravans in a park

It’s important to note that parks will charge a fee for keeping your caravan on the site. These site fees are usually reviewed at the end of the summer season, commonly rising alongside inflation. If you purchase your caravan before the site fee is renewed, you will have around a year locked in with the lower price, so keep this in mind when looking to buy a static caravan. Even if you haven’t got around to purchasing by the site fee review, you may be able to negotiate a free fee period with the park.

Getting holiday ready

Buying a caravan should never be a split-second decision: you should be confident in what you want and need from a caravan before sealing the deal with a seller or dealership. The later months tend to be the best time to purchase a caravan, but that isn’t to say that you won’t find the right model and price at a different point of the year.

Allow yourself ample time to browse caravan models and holiday parks to find the best fit for your circumstances. Happy shopping, and be sure to protect your new purchase with a robust insurance policy.

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